Nakia- The short story


red lips isolated in whiteI look at the clock on the night stand and it reads 3:30 am. I slide out of bed and head into the kitchen. I open the cabinet door under the sink and reach in to grab my bag. I then head out the front door as quietly as possible. I was running three blocks down the street in my pajamas while on the phone calling a cab to meet me 4 blocks away. I think I made it I thought to myself as I sit in the cab on my way to the airport. I have $2,000.00 in cash, a plane ticket and an apartment waiting for me in upstate new york. I will be done with Texas once and for all leaving everything and everyone behind.

 I’m at the airport but before I head through security I go into the bathroom and change out of these pajamas. I look in the mirror at my badly beat up face. I have a swollen upper lip, black eye and I can feel my rib is tender. I cant believe I stayed with that asshole for 4 years. Well Donovan, I am gone for good! My Name is Marisha but from this point on I will be know as Nakia and I’m about to be reborn.

 Its been 2 months in my new city Albany, NY the capitol of New York. I got a job working at this Car rental company. So I’m heading out on the town tonight with a couple of girls from work. Tamika, a dark skin black girl about 4’9″ Big butt and Pretty as hell with a long banging weave down her back. Tamika is very quiet but super funny once she opens up. Next up is Jackie, a white chick that you can tell grew up around a lot of black folks and dated black men exclusively. Jackie is about 5’5 ,same height as me, huge boobs and she rocks her hair in a short red pixie cut she’s really a cute girl. Now its time to describe me I’m 5’5 brown skin and I have naturally curly shoulder length hair. I am a thick southern chick with big boobs and big butt and both gets me a lot of attention.


 So we are at this bar on lark street, its like the artsy district of the city. I’m a shot girl so we are taking shots of tequila at the bar and ready for our 3rd shot when the bartender comes over and said our tab has been picked up by the guys at the end of the bar. We all look in the direction of the men and notice the huge smile on these guys face. I motion for the guys to come join us. I am the only single one out the group and the girls are cool enough to play wing girl so I can have some fun in the city.


 When the guys walked over I knew exactly who I wanted the 6’6 brown skin bald head cutie. We introduced our selves and the guy I got my radar on was named Jackson. We did more shot had drinks and by this time I was faded also known as drunk. I start to get up from my chair and excused myself to the bathroom then I discretely grabbed Jacksons imprint that was between his legs. I gave a sexy look and head towards the bathroom. He got up and followed me a few minutes later. I walk into the ladies bathroom which was one large bathroom with on toilet. I close the door behind me and before I could lock it Jackson came walking through. No words was said he just started kissing me grabbing my breast and squeezing my butt. He threw me up against the wall unbutton my pants stuck his finger inside me and began to explore the source of the wetness that started soaking up his finger. I unzipped his pants pulled his hands out from inside me and I squatted putting him in my mouth. I was on another level from the drinks that I had, I was 100% focused on sucking and licking every inch of him.

Jackson wasn’t large in size but it satisfied my needs at the moment. As I took him deeper in my mouth I grabbed his legs to force him deeper down my throat. He could hardly keep quiet, I had a nice rhythm going and I could tell he loved it. He grabbed the back of my head and exploded in my mouth. It was kind of bitter at first but I just swallowed it and stood up. I went to the sink and rinsed out my mouth while Jackson leaned against the wall frozen in a trance. I buttoned my pants and left Jackson in the bathroom against that wall. I get back to the group took a sip of my drink said good night and left. I came for what I wanted.

The next day at work of course I had the questions from Tamika and Jackie about what happened. I didn’t give up anything because its none of their business. But I wasn’t rude about it I just switched it up and asked them what happened when I left. Tamika told me how Jackson kept asking for my phone number but they felt uncomfortable giving him my number so they took his and gave it to me. I wasn’t interested. I just told them I fooled around with him in the bathroom, got tired and went home to crash. Well, it was true I got what I wanted and left.



It was a very busy day at work some convention was in town we had a lot of cars going out and even some over bookings. My last customer was this older white guy who was in town for a business meeting. We ran out of cars at our location so I called around and found him a car. While we waited for the car to come to our location we chatted it up a bit. His name was Alvin he was from Canada and he was in town for a week. Alvin invited me to dinner later that night but I declined, I was getting cramps and wasn’t up for entertaining. After about 20 minutes his car arrived. Alvin thanked me handed me his card and told me to call him anytime he still wanted to take me to dinner no matter where he was he’d make sure he would try to be available. I waved and he drove off.


 Four months have passed living in my new city and I’m sitting at my window on Facebook. Why did I even create a page? I don’t have family. My mom and grandma passed when I was 6 in a house fire. I never knew my dad and my grandfather passed at 13 of a stroke .I don’t have uncles or aunties because my mom was an only child so I was in the system for most of my teen years abandoned. I guess that’s why I was in a very bad relationship. I admit I sleep with a lot of men because they are really into me instantly. Its really so good in the beginning. I take advantage of that before they get tired and move on so I move on first. My past relationship was out of need I thought I needed him. I searched for affection from him and got it sometimes. I thought him hitting on me was his way of showing love. It was at the expense of my feelings and my face and I knew that was wrong. I then get a notification on my face book from, MY EX!. So I’m freaking out about this message “why did you leave, I love you” and then it starts getting angry ”you left me with these bills your a bitch” “wait until I see you again”and so on . I deleted my page got dressed and headed to the bar.

After about 20 minutes and the bar I meet this guy Ray. Ray was very light skin he had to be mixed with something about 6’1 very muscular. After a few drinks I found out he was Puerto Ricanand black. I admit Ray was a really cool guy. We sat at a booth and people watched and laughed about the silly stuff that was going on. I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I had to check to see if I was getting my period and nothing! I headed back to the table invited Ray to my place and we left.

Ray was very passionate and a slow stroker. I wasn’t used to that I’m used to rough sex. He whispered sexy things to me like “your so sexy” “You feel so good” “I don’t want to get out of you”


When he said that last comment I moaned and sprayed all my wetness on him. When he felt it he held me tighter pushed in deeper kissed me and made it happen again and again and yes again. *Sasha was satisfied!*Sasha is vagina


 I woke up to Ray laying next to me. It was 7am and I had to get up for work so I nudge him to wake up and told him I had to get ready. For work and he should get going. He grabbed his clothes headed to the bathroom and less than 10 minutes was dressed and heading to my door. I walk him out and he kissed me so sweetly. Ray asked me for my phone number and I gave him a fake one. No attachments I walk away first.

Three months have passed from the last time I seen Ray and at work today see him. My one night stand Ray was right in front of me. He walked up and said how he was disappointed I gave him the wrong number and that he was really liked me and wanted to know me better. He asked if he could take me out on a real date. Tamika and Jackie happened to be right there so I said yes quickly so they wouldn’t be all in my business.


 Two days later I meet up with Ray. He picks me up in his blacked out Range Rover. We ended up at this really nice restaurant. I was really impressed Ray made me feel very special. He expressed how he wanted to see more of me. I couldn’t, I’m not into relationships I cant trust anyone and I don’t get attached to anything. After 3 hours we left the restaurant and Ray dropped me home.

I invited him inside but he declined and said he wanted to prove that its not about having sex with me he wanted to know me. He kissed me and I open my door walked through it and closed it behind me. When I turned around I saw me ex Donovan standing in the hallway. I screamed and turned to unlock the door when he grabbed me from behind threw me on the floor and started to punch me. I’m fighting back but couldn’t get myself together that blow to my head had me dazed. I cant make out clearly what Donovan was doing but he was standing over me. I then heard a gun shot. I passed out. When I awoke I was in the back of the ambulance. I asked the paramedic if I’m dead or shot he said no. I asked what happened? And the paramedic said ‘Officer Wallace will be fine he was stabbed but he will pull through the other guy didn’t make it.” Officer Wallace? Who? I said. “Officer Ray Wallace saved your life.” the paramedic said. I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. Donovan was dead. I must see Ray.

 original story by Sonny Mac

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  1. Tameka Alexander

    U was so into this…but saddened i wanted to read more…u git talent…

  2. L. Finch

    Great story Sonny, kept my attention thru completion..looking forward to more from you.

  3. Anthony M Shaw Sr

    Sonny please write full book I sitting in the truck reading your stories and I’m revved up I love reading books and your stories is bring the passion and love for books back thank you!!!

  4. Danielle White

    OMG,To know this is an original story, my heart pours out to you, but girlfriend, PLEASE write a full book!!

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